Whether you want to discover the wonders of the lake, the sensations of diving, to pass your Open Water Diver or to continue your training. Our instructors focus on safety and pedagogy to allow you to reach your goals at your own pace.



In lake (protected environment) | CHF 170.00


 Individual lessons or maximum 2 students
Plongée guidée  |  CHF 130.00

You already have a diving certificate and you want to discover the lake with a professional.

Remise à niveau  |  CHF 130.00

Refresh your underwater knowledge and techniques before a diving vacation.

Open Water Diver (Level 1) | CHF 1'190.00

Want to see a new world open up to you? Take your first diving certificate! Our training adapts to your expectations, your desires and your fears to open the doors to the underwater world.

Safety & Environment - Our PTS instructors are based on a high standard of training with a focus on buoyancy, webbing techniques, configuration and team diving.

Advanced Open Water (Level 2) | CHF 690.00

Discover new experiences, new sensations, explore new practices and continue your diving education.

Sidemount Diver |  CHF 690.00

An intensive training program will allow you to perfect your theoretical and practical diving basics and thus enable you to take full advantage of the Sidemount configuration.

Rescue Diver & EFR (Plongeur sauveteur)  |  CHF 1’530.00
sans EFR | CHF 1’290.00 

A "challenging" training to consolidate your knowledge and give you the basis to prevent and manage critical situations.

Deep Diver (Level 3) | CHF 550.00

Diving in the -40m zone requires a solid foundation in equipment management, techniques, stress management...this training is based on a serious approach to allow you to dive safely.

Dive Master  |  CHF 1’500.00

Get your experience as a professional Dive Master diver. You will have the opportunity to guide and supervise certified divers and assist students in training.

Dive Master + DSD Leader (Dive Guide) | CHF 1'990.00

Get your experience as a professional Dive Master diver. You will have the opportunity to guide and supervise certified divers and assist students in training.

Instructor  |  3’800.00

You want to become an instructor? We'll help you take the path that best suits your goals.


 Individual lessons or maximum 2 students
CHF 120.00/theoretical and practical session
Nitrox (avec ordinateur) |  3 sessions

Nitrox is an over-oxygenated mix that has many advantages for both beginner and experienced divers. This course will cover the use of nitrox mixes from 22 to 40% oxygen.

Advanced Buoyancy Training | 3 sessions

Optimizing buoyancy control usually has a great positive effect, one that will improve the diver's sense of enjoyment and safety.

Drysuit | 4 sessions

Drysuit diving will open up a whole new world of diving for you. You will have the opportunity to enjoy our lake waters all year round by learning the proper use of this equipment.

Low Visibility/Night dive | 3 sessions

Diving at night or in low visibility requires a certain level of comfort and certain procedures to be followed. The purpose of this course is to familiarize you with the procedures, techniques and potential hazards associated with night and low visibility diving.

Underwater navigation | 3 sessions

This course is designed to give divers a better understanding and experience of how to properly navigate underwater using both natural and compass navigation.


Diver D* | CHF 1'190.00

Pass your first level of diving with all the practical and theoretical knowledge necessary to evolve safely in the -15 meters zone.

Diver D** | CHF 1'590.00

Expand your knowledge and skills during this course. As a D** diver, you will be able to work autonomously in a team in the -25 meter zone.

Plongeur D***  |  CHF 1’710.00

As a D*** diver you will have all the theoretical and practical knowledge whatever the environment in which you evolve, the team that accompanies you, with a notion of responsibility and a maximum depth of -40 meters

Instructor I | 2'190.00

The I* Instructor can train D* divers as well as Level 1 specialties. He can also assist other I** instructors in D** and D*** training.

Instructor II | 2'300.00

The I* instructor can train D*, D** and D*** divers.


Fundamental Knowledge & Practice | CHF 150.00/day (min. 2 days)

You want to upgrade your knowledge and practice of diving, whether you are an Open Water Diver or Dive Master? Our P.T.S. instructors will be happy to coach you in your steps by optimizing the key points of diving in our lake environment and according to our training standards. Theoretical basis, configuration, propulsion techniques, buoyancy and basic skills...this coaching will allow you to see more clearly in your practice of this sport and for the continuation of your training.


Nous vous proposons la possibilité de terminer vos dernières plongées de formation en mer  |  Prix sur demande

En fonction de votre niveau, de vos envies et des disponibilités de nos instructrices et instructeurs, il nous est possible d’organiser une partie de formation ainsi que des plongées guidées en mer avec nos centres de plongée partenaires.



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