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The Essentials (all levels) | CHF 590.00

Development of knowledge and mental and technical skills of the diver whatever his level from Open Water, Sidemount to technical diver.

Sidemount Diver  |  CHF 700.00

An intensive training program will allow you to perfect your theoretical and practical diving basics and thus enable you to take full advantage of the Sidemount configuration.

Deep Diver |  CHF 550.00

This program is designed to provide serious and responsible training for divers who plan to dive to a maximum of -40m on air. The Deep Diver program trains divers in technical, mental, theoretical and planning skills for deep dives.

Advanced Nitrox / Decompression Procedures | CHF 750.00

This program is designed to expand the diver's knowledge in the use of Nitrox as a decompression gas. The Advanced Nitrox Diver program allows the diver to make dives to 40m (45m deco pro) and do decompression stops.

Technical Diver / Extended Range |  CHF 750.00

Refinement of diving techniques and management of emergency situations, use of 2 decompression tanks. Maximum 50m.

Advanced Recreational Trimix |  CHF 750.00

This course is designed for Advanced Nitrox or Decompression Procedures divers to complement their skills in the use of recreational trimix. The program uses Nitrox mixtures containing more than 21% O2 and a helium supplement. The goal of this program is to qualify divers to dive to 51m and perform the necessary decompression stops.

Trimix  |  CHF 990.00

This course will teach you how to plan and execute dives using mixes of at least 18% O2 by diving to a maximum depth of 60m with a helium mix appropriate to the intended depth.

Advanced Trimix  |  CHF 1’400.00

The Advanced Trimix Diver course is the highest level of training for open circuit divers who wish to dive to depths of up to 100m using hypoxic oxygen levels.

Technical diving instructor | CHF 250.00/day


Divesoft Liberty (backmount & sidemount), AP Diving, JJ CCR, rEvo, Kiss Sidewinder et bien d’autres encore…

Initiation and CCR test | CHF 170.00

This is your introduction to closed circuit diving. During this course, you will learn all the

CCR Diluant AIR  |  CHF 950.00

This is your introduction to closed circuit diving. During this course you will learn all the skills necessary to make no-decompression CCR dives to a maximum depth of 30m using air diluent.

CCR Decompression Procedures | CHF 950.00

This course will teach you all the skills necessary to perform decompression diving to a maximum depth of 40m using air diluent.

CCR Hélitrox |  CHF 950.00

The objective of this course is to train divers in the benefits, hazards and proper procedures for diving with a closed circuit rebreather to a maximum of 45m using air/nitrox/helium diluent for decompression diving. Students are permitted to use a diluent mixture and bailout with a helium content of no more than 35% and an oxygen content of no less than 21%, and are permitted to use up to 100% oxygen for decompression.

CCR Trimix  |  CHF 1’040.00

During this course you will learn all the skills necessary to perform closed circuit rebreather dives using helium as diluent gas and oxygen levels as low as 16% to a maximum depth of 60m.



Cavern Diver  |  CHF 750.00

This course covers the basics of cave diving techniques.

Intro to Cave  |  CHF 750.00

As a continuation of the Cavern certificate, "Intro to cave" will allow you to increase your comfort level in a cave.

Cavern Diver + Intro to Cave  |  CHF 1’050.00

Profitez d’un programme de formation combiné qui donnera accès directement au niveau Intro to Cave diver et à une zone d’exploration des plus intéressante.

Full Cave Diver  |  CHF 1’400.00

Complex cave dives

Stage Cave Diver  | sur demande


Nitrox Blender |  CHF 360.00
Trimix Blender |  CHF 360.00



Fundamental Knowledge & Practice | CHF 150.00/day (min. 2 days)

You want to upgrade your knowledge and practice of diving, whether you are an Open Water Diver or Dive Master? Our P.T.S. instructors will be happy to coach you in your steps by optimizing the key points of diving in our lake environment and according to our training standards. Theoretical basis, configuration, propulsion techniques, buoyancy and basic skills...this coaching will allow you to see more clearly in your practice of this sport and for the continuation of your training.


Nous vous proposons la possibilité de terminer vos dernières plongées de formation en mer  |  Prix sur demande

En fonction de votre niveau, de vos envies et des disponibilités de nos instructrices et instructeurs, il nous est possible d’organiser une partie de formation ainsi que des plongées guidées en mer avec nos centres de plongée partenaires.


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