L’équipe PTS

Plongée TEC Suisse est une association d’instructrices et d’instructeurs de plongée passionné(e)s partageant les mêmes standards et une volonté commune, partager notre passion et notre vision de la plongée et de l’exploration sous-marine.

Nicolas Grandjean

Instructeur technique & tec sidemount IANTD/TDI

Jean-Luc Mathey

Instructor CCR TDI/PSAI

Emmanuel Léchaire

Trainer CMAS I2

Emilie Talbot

SDI Recreational & Sidemount Instructor

Moïra Benmenni

PADI & SDI Recreational & Sidemount Instructor

Luc Ducommun

SDI Recreational & Sidemount Instructor

Ziad Julier

IANTD Technical Instructor

Daniel Robert

Instructor trainer, CMAS cave

Our methodology

Our methodology focuses on the student's development and security, by proposing a specific program to reach his or her objectives. We help them ask the right questions without imposing a multitude of certifications that will not be useful.


  • Becoming aware of its level of training, technique, current knowledge
  • Feel what excites us while diving and what makes us dream
  • Visualize what are the objectives we want to achieve in the short and medium term
  • Plan the best way to achieve these objectives without losing focus
  • Practice and practice to maintain a perfect technical, physical, mental and knowledge level

We all apply a high level of standard and knowledge modelled on the requirements of the best training organizations in the world. We share a common philosophyWe use our personal experiences and limit ourselves to our areas of expertise in order to maintain an honest and qualitative sharing with our students.


Training a student also involves education and responsibility for the environment. As underwater explorers, we must also preserve and respect this environment.

Our diving center and the courses we offer respect the environment to the maximum, we expect the same rigor from our students.

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Route du Verney 18
CH-1070 Puidoux

Tél. +41 79 229 58 28

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